What is sexual harassment and what shapes it takes?

Sexual harassment is a broad term and it is very important to understand the different types and examples of harassment before you file a case against someone. It is not necessary that only males are guilty with sexual harassment, when we talk about this topic, we see a lot of different cases in which the culprit ranges from employees to employers, seniors to juniors and male to female. This conduct can happen at any place but the most common place which is reported are the office sittings where seniors take advantage of the vulnerable position of their juniors and employees. Sexual harassment is the unsolicited and unwelcomed sexual approach which is initiated by only one person and the other person is not at all comfortable with the advancements. This is a highly condemnable act and must be reported at state level to reduce the occurrences. The only way to discourage this act in the official sittings is to contact a sexual harassment attorney and file a case against the culprit. However, you should also see the company policies and discuss the matter with human resource department before you continue filing the case.

Different shapes of sexual harassment:

Following are the different shapes of sexual harassments which are normally seen in official sittings:

• Sexual favors and acts to lure employees for a promotion and increase in salary
• Verbal sexual phrases that hurt the feelings of another person
• Sexual advancements through written material i.e. through letters and messages
• Giving gestures to other employees which are inappropriate and fall under the sexual harassment
• Stalking someone to a level which makes them uncomfortable or getting involved in someone’s personal life beyond boundaries

If you are facing a problem from the above-mentioned things or any other matter, for instance a discrimination based on your age which is making you upset in the working environment, you should immediately contact age discrimination attorney and get rid of the problem causer as soon as possible.